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Integrated Resources and Services available on an on going basis for all practices:

  • Centralized Billing: A centralized billing office has many advantages, the primary benefit being the consolidated customer service and/or collection area. But there are many additional benefits. Learn more
  • Purchasing (Vendor Relations): Efficient, constructive, and transparent management is in place with all vendors. Learn more
  • Computer Network Management: Computer Network Management consists of different components: Network administration, operation, maintenance and provisioning. Learn more here. Learn more
  • Marketing Resources: A series of processes and plans in place aimed to improve a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize their brand and presence internally and externally. Learn more
  • Human Resource and PEO Services: These services will provide the practice an option that will potentially save the time and staff that would be used to prepare payroll and administer benefits plan. Learn more
  • Insurance and Risk Management: Identify and evaluate risks as a means to reduce injury to patients, staff members, and visitors within the practices. Learn more
  • Practice Management: Assistance in the individual practice’s day to day operations and office services. Learn more