Centralized Billing

A centralized billing office has many advantages, the primary benefit being the consolidated customer service and/or collection area. But there are many additional benefits, including:

  • Allows for quick access to information on encounters
  • Provides payment summary screens for an overall snapshot of billing status
  • Provides the ability to integrate payment plans
  • Integrates self-pay collections
  • Improves automation and efficiency
  • Minimizes manual intervention for follow-up process
  • Provides efficiencies in customer service area
  • Reduces mailings
  • Improves financial relations with your patients
  • Improves staff satisfaction with the system
  • Provides consistency in billing practices Integrates policies

Purchasing (Vendor Relations)

Efficient, Constructive, and Transparent management is in place with all vendors. All vendor relationships are based on sound business and ethics and are conducted in the best interest for each individual practice. Software tools and services in place to oversee the entire vendor relationship while ensuring vendors and practices are achieving mutually agreed upon goals.

Computer Network Management

Computer Network Management consists of different components:

  • Network Administration: This involves tracking and inventorying the many network resources such as monitoring transmission lines, hubs, switches, routers, and servers; it also involves monitoring their performance and updating their associated software – especially network management software, network operating systems, and distributed software applications used by network users.
  • Network Operation: This involves smooth network functioning as designed and intended, including close monitoring of activities to quickly and efficiently address and fix problems as they occur and preferably even before users are aware of the problem.
  • Network Maintenance: This involves timely repair and necessary upgrades to all network resources as well as preventive and corrective measures through close communication and collaboration with network administrators. Example work includes replacing or upgrading network equipment such as switches, routers and damaged transmission lines.
  • Network Provisioning: This involves configuring network resources to support the requirements of a particular service; example services may be voice capabilities or increasing broadband requirements to facilitate more users.

Marketing Resources

A series of processes and plans in place aimed to improve a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize their brand and presence internally and externally. Budgeting plans for marketing and communications campaigns and projects, development of the projects and content, measurements and analysis on marketing and communication plans and projects.

Human Resources and PEO Services

These services will provide the practice an option that will potentially save the time and staff that would be used to prepare payroll and administer benefits plan. This opportunity may reduce legal liabilities or obligations to employees that it would otherwise have. An overall better packages of benefits that will attract more skilled employees.

Insurance Risk Management

Identify and evaluate risks as a means to reduce injury to patients, staff members, and visitors within the practices. Work proactively and re-actively to prevent incident or to minimize the damages following an event. Risk Assessments to ensure patient safety, federal regulations, potential medical error, existing and future policies, etc.

Practice Management

Assistance in the individual practice’s day to day operations and office services which can include:

  • Management of revenue cycle and cash flows
  • Management of Compliance Programs
  • Financial Planning and Business Structure Management of relationships with payers and suppliers to maximize reimbursement and reduce costs
  • Lead efforts with information technology that meets demands of providing quality care and necessary communication with medical community
  • Create value and stability for the future and owners of the practice