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Integrated Resources and Services available on an on going basis for all practices:
  • Centralized Billing

    A centralized billing office has many advantages, the primary benefit being the consolidated customer service and/or collection area. But there are many additional benefits. Learn more

  • Purchasing (Vendor Relations)

    Efficient, constructive, and transparent management is in place with all vendors. Learn more

  • Computer Network Management

    Computer Network Management consists of different components: Network administration, operation, maintenance and provisioning. Learn more here. Learn more

  • Marketing Resources

    A series of processes and plans in place aimed to improve a company's ability to orchestrate and optimize their brand and presence internally and externally. Learn more

  • Human Resource and PEO Services

    These services will provide the practice an option that will potentially save the time and staff that would be used to prepare payroll and administer benefits plan. Learn more

  • Insurance and Risk Management

    Identify and evaluate risks as a means to reduce injury to patients, staff members, and visitors within the practices. Learn more

  • Practice Management

    Assistance in the individual practice's day to day operations and office services. Learn more