About NEOS

New England Orthopedic Services was designed by independent orthopedic groups for independent orthopedic groups.

Negotiating for better contracts shouldn’t mean you have to increase costs. Decreasing costs shouldn’t mean you have to give up control of the best part of your practice.Creating an independence and flexibility platform is the only way we can provide long term success for all members of the organization. Strength grows through participation, and by allowing participating practices to choose the services and opportunities they participate in opens up the joint venture to maximize its roster.

In this case bigger is better.

Decrease Costs

Created services under a shared savings model that allows individual practices to take advantage of economies of scale they would not have alone. These services are set up to allow practices to participate in those they feel will provide them with the most benefit.

Increase Revenues

  • Orthopedic Specific IPA – Carrier Contract Negotiations
  • Managed Contracts (Future)

Maintain Independent Integrity & Control

Individual practices have the ability to keep their patients within their defined network of providers and maintain their fundamental principles as an independent organization.

Membership Opportunities

Integrated Resources and Services available on an on going basis for all practices:

  • Centralized Billing
  • Purchasing (Vendor Relations)
  • Computer Network Management
  • Marketing Resources
  • Human Resource and PEO Services
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Practice Management

How we work.

1 Recruitment and retention of independent orthopedic practices throughout Connecticut and New England. Form successful partnerships by designing contractual arrangements specifically for each individual practice.

2 Ongoing engagement, development strategies, and management, for each practice to encourage progressive success and growth of the organization and all members.

3 Members choose what services and opportunities they want to participate in and continued evaluation from management team is provided on an as needed basis.

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